Gardner School of Real Estate has been approved by the State of Missouri to offer Zoom Real Estate Classes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic a special exception has been made to allow Zoom classes. Normally real estate instruction needs to be held in person. We are currently offering the Salesperson Real Estate class via Zoom. The plan is to offer the Zoom class every other month. We will adjust our course schedules according to demand.

In order to gain approval from the state of Missouri for online instruction we had to go thru an approval process. The approval process took about a month. We had to be approved based on information we had to create for the state. The approval is indefinite. So the Gardner School of Real Estate is now an approved Zoom Educator.

Enroll Today for Salesperson Real Estate Classes in a virtual environment. In the Course Date drop down option simply choose the class that says “Zoom Class” in the course title.

Missouri Salesperson School

Missouri Salesperson School

Salesperson School is our most popular class. It is a two-part school that includes a pre-exam class and a Missouri Real Estate Practice Course (MREP) which are both required to get your real estate license in Missouri.

We have combined these two required courses to save you time and money, enabling you to take all of the schooling and be licensed in two weeks.

Pre-Exam School includes 48 hours of classroom training and MREP includes 24 hours of classroom training.