The Phil Gardner School of Real Estate offers a variety of educational classes and seminars. He has trained 40 different locations across Missouri, in 20 other states and in 5 countries around the world.

Salesperson School
Description: Salesperson School is the cornerstone and most popular of our classes. It is a two-part school including a pre-exam class and a Missouri Real Estate Practice Course(MREP) which are both required to get your real estate license in Missouri.

We have combined these two required courses to save you time and money. You can take all of the schooling and be licensed in two weeks.

Pre-Exam School includes 48 hours of classroom training and MREP is 24 hours of classroom training.

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Brokers School
  • Pre-Requisites
    • Salesperson School
    • Licensed salesperson for two years

Description: Brokers School is a 48 hour class required to sit for the Missouri Brokers Exam. This class prepares and educates you for everything you will need to know to take the exam. As stated above, you must have taken the two components of our Salesperson School (the Pre-Exam Class and MREP Course) and have been licensed as a real estate agend for two years before being able to take the brokers test.

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Continuing Education - License Renewal

Description: Our Continuing Education course is the class that will help you renew your license for two years. This course provides you with your desired amount of classroom hours to renew your broker or salesperson license for two years.

12 classroom hours: $90
9 classroom hours: $80
6 classroom hours: $70
3 classroom hours: $45



Personalized Brokers Workshops
Description: Our Personalized Brokers Workshops Sessions are designed to help brokers establish or better operate a real estate office. This workshop-style class is completely customized to your specific needs and desires for your business. Bring your questions, your concerns, your problems and your desire to learn and experience two full days of personalized consulting.

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1-on-1 Consulting Package
Description: Here’s a secret. The hard way isn’t always the best way. Often the best step in business is not to “rough it” until you make so many mistakes you discover the right way, but rather to seek counsel and advice at the outset. Let Phil’s more than 50 years experience in the real estate industry give you peace of mind and clarity in your work.
Our 1-on-1 consulting package is a 3-day program in which Phil will come to your office and help you set up everything you need to establish an efficient, successful operation.
This program also includes 6 months of as-needed phone consultations with Phil.

The investment is one you will not regret making in yourself and your business.

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Auction School
Description: The fastest growing and most successful method of selling goods is auctions. Perfect for household items, antiques, farm equipment, guns, cattle, estates – virtually any item you need to liquidate.

A real estate license is not required to auction in Missouri but is recommended.

At our Missouri Auction Prep School, you’ll learn how to be successful. The chant, the business structure, how to manage overhead and encourage great income. You can learn the chant. This 5-day school will give you the tools you need to set up your own business.

Our instructors have more than 200 years of auction experience combined. They’ll teach you any style or type of auction you want to conduct. At our auction school, you’ll find a laid back atmosphere where you can feel comfortable to learn without being put on the spot.

Fee: $495

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