“I hope you don’t mind but I feel obligated to voice one criticism. Do you really expect people to believe that you’re just a plain ol’ country boy? Phil Gardner, you may have been born on a farm, lived on a farm, grew up on a farm, but you have taken “plan ol’ country boy” to a whole new level! When people ask you to teach in different countries, they ask you because they admire what you represent.. Phil has the values that we all wish we had, and the knowledge and ability to teach that is only given to a chosen few.”

Columbia, MO

“The Realtors who go through his school are more successful, last longer in the business, and have happier clients than those from other schools. He is great, and his students are successful because he teaches them right.”

Columbia, MO

“Here’s a note to let you know how much I enjoyed attending your real estate continued education class. As someone who has had an opportunity to sit through many a “DRY” education course I found your method of delivery both humorous and educational.”

Columbia, MO

“Thank you for your information and advice, you shared with me, last week. I then visited with my attorney and he prepared the papers.”

Montgomery City, MO

“Just wanted to say thank you for having such a great school. You had knowledgeable instructors and they seemed very eager to help.”


Gallatin, MO

“Mr. Gardner does such a good job teaching the principles of ethics in the real estate area. He consistently teaches the importance of doing what is right at all times. In addition, his experiences in real estate allows him to give countless examples of real-life situations that a salesperson or broker can learn a great deal about. The method by which Mr. Gardner teach fully prepares students for all exams. He does an outstanding job and I highly recommend him in the future.”
Cathy Brown

Director of Office of Administration Division of Facilities Management, Design and Construction Real Estate Services