Phil Gardner

Phil Gardner


Everyone in the Missouri Real Estate industry knows the trusted name of Phil Gardner. For the past 35 years Phil has been a educator and consultant to thousands of Real Estate agents and brokers. His very personal style of leading his classroom has left its mark on all who have had the privilege of learning the laws underneath his care.


Phil’s Story

Phil Gardner opened his own business, Gold Star Realty, in Jefferson City on June 1, 1976. He was the first real estate agent to be placed in the Million Dollar in Sales Club in Jefferson City, as he averaged selling two homes a week during the first six months of his first year. Also in his first year, he sold 14% of what was sold in Jefferson City of the 128 licensees in town.

As an educator, Mr. Gardner has trained the National Real Estate Franchise Realty World and the National Real Estate Franchise ERA. He was one of the Senior Instructors and GRI Instructors for the Missouri Association of Realtors. He has conducted training programs for Real Estate Boards as well as Real Estate offices nationwide.

Mr. Gardner has spoken, trained, and done consulting work in Real Estate locally as well as in 20 different states. He set up the first Real Estate Academy in Moscow and consulted with the Central Committee in Russia to establish real estate laws post-Communism. He helped them establish their law of Agency and other general real estate laws of ownership.

Phil Gardner, Broker, received his real estate license in 1974 and has been active in brokerage and sales since that time. He has done consulting for those opening their office for more than 40 years. he has trained for two national franchises, both Realty World and ERA.

Phil has enjoyed his work with Gold Star Realty & Auction since moving it to the Ozark Lake area in the early 2000’s. For nearly four decades he has taught more than 27,000 students in preparation for securing or maintaining their real estate license. That amounts to more than 38,000 hours in preparation for the test, sales training and information on updates in the industry so licensees can renew their license every 2 years.