For the past 45 years Phil has been an educator and consultant to thousands of Real Estate agents and brokers. His very personal style of leading his classroom has left its mark on all who have had the privilege of learning the laws underneath his care.

As an educator, Mr. Gardner has trained the National Real Estate Franchise Realty World and the National Real Estate Franchise ERA. He was one of the Senior Instructors and GRI Instructors for the Missouri Association of Realtors. He has conducted training programs for Real Estate Boards as well as Real Estate offices nationwide.

Phil Gardner, Broker, received his real estate license in 1974 and has been active in brokerage and sales since that time. He has done consulting for those opening their office for more than 40 years. he has trained for two national franchises, both Realty World and ERA.

Phil is an independent broker for his company Gold Star Realty, serving central Missouri for over 40 years.

For nearly four decades he has taught more than 27,000 students in preparation for securing or maintaining their real estate license. That amounts to more than 38,000 hours in preparation for the test, sales training and information on updates in the industry so licensees can renew their license every 2 years.


Brent has had his real estate license since 1993, and has helped over 1000 clients buy and sell properties since then. Having been named the Columbia Realtor Salesperson of the Year in 2005, the standard of excellence in service is a trademark that has followed the Gardner Team name. Holding a degree in Economics from the University of Missouri has given Brent the background in financing and market analytics which helps him understand the ever changing housing market, which helps in advising his clients as conditions fluctuate constantly. Among his designations are Broker and GRI (Graduate of Realtor Institute).

While he specializes in residential real estate transactions, he also has years of experience in the commercial market. He has helped many clients with their investment portfolios, achieving their financial goals. Sometimes those goals are achieved by buying multi-family housing units, apartments, office buildings or retail locations.

With this broad range of experience, Brent Gardner brings his knowledge of real-world real estate to help teach people the principals needed to be successful in the world of real estate.

More about Brent

Brent has been active with City boards and commissions over the years. He was chairman of the Downtown Leadership Council in Columbia for several years, as well as a member of the Historic Preservation Commission for 9 years, which has given him an especially keen sense of value for older homes and properties. He helped form Columbia’s brick streets policy and was instrumental in saving the historic Neidermeyer Building, an iconic structure full of rich Missouri history, from demolition. He was named the Chairman of the Mayor’s task force for the Bicentennial Commission (CoMo200).

Many in Central Missouri know Brent as the voice and host of a real estate call-in show on KFRU for over 15 years.

Brent and his wife, Kelley, also have their Kansas Real Estate licenses, allowing them to work in the Kansas City metro market, as well as the Columbia market.


After what seems a lifetime of raising and educating five of her own children, Kelley was a founding member of a plant team that created and launched the first University Model School in Kansas City. Christ Preparatory Academy began as a co-op and quickly grew within three years to become a fully accredited educational institution recognized by the state of Kansas. Teaching for no pay for the first seven years of the school’s existence, the school used funds earned from tuition dollars in her classes to hire exceptional teachers and professors for the core curriculum classes necessary for the student body at Christ Prep. The school is still in successful operation after 20 years.

For five years she owned a vintage and antique shop In Kansas City. Staging, her first love, was given full expression during the “Shop years”. To understand trends in design as well as how to best work with what one owns allows for her to make the very best situation come forward for clients who list with The Gardner Team. Kelley has had her license to list and sell real estate in both Kansas and Missouri for five years, adding to the breadth of experience held by the Gardner men.

More about Kelley

Property management is on the daily task list for Kelley. While she and Brent own 4 short term, fully furnished properties, they also have two standard rentals. While keeping them filled and turned over regularly, Kelley manages a condo building in Kansas City’s historic River Market neighborhood. Screening new tenants and caring for the ones who live in their properties has aided in her development as a successful, compassionate realtor.

With the diversity of personalities and teaching styles the three possess, and the other fully energized, competent trainers in the world of real estate, both residential and commercial, getting yourself ready to take and pass the test to earn your own license will be a very well rounded, exciting experience at Gardner School of Real Estate. We want you to help you achieve your goal and hope to see you in class soon!