Salesperson School is the cornerstone of our classes. It is a two-part school including a pre-exam class and a Missouri Real Estate Practice Course(MREP) which are both required to get your real estate license in Missouri.

We have combined these two required courses to save you time and money. You can take all of the schooling and be licensed in two weeks if you pass the test.

Pre-Exam School includes 48 hours of classroom training and MREP is 24 hours of classroom training.

Salesperson School is $525.

Your materials will be ready for you the first day of class and will included in your fee. Books are included in prices.

You may take Pre-Exam School and the MREP Course separately.

Pre-Exam School: $385
MREP course: $150
Review Seminar: $45

2021 Salesperson School Schedule –  Pre-Exam and MREP Schedule

In Missouri you have to licensed to sell real estate for a broker. To obtain a license, Missouri Law requires you to do the following:

  1. Take and pass a 48 hour Pre-Exam School.
  2. Take and pass the Missouri Real Estate Exam; this is a 2-part exam.
    The National portion has 100 questions and you must score at least 70%.
    The Missouri portion has 40 questions and you must score at least 75%.
    You can call and apply to take the test sometime during the school.
  3. Take the 24-hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course before the license is issued.
  4. Apply through a Real Estate Broker in order for the license to be issued (you must have the Broker sign your application after passing the test: you do not need to talk to a broker until you are ready to apply for a license).
  5. All new real licenses applicants will be required to have their fingerprints taken through the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s approved vendor for both a Missouri State Highway Patrol and a Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprint background check. L-1 Enrollment Services (L-1) is the current approved vendor. Go to
Anyone applying for an original Missouri real estate Broker license will be required to be finger printed before making application for their original brokers license. A copy of the receipt provided by L-1 will need to be attached to the license application. Assuming everything else is in order and no convictions or guilty pleas are discovered, a temporary work permit will be issued even if the fingerprinting results are not yet received. However, a license will not be issued until the fingerprinting results are received and a satisfactory result is indicated BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR RECEIPT. This receipt contains vital tracking information should that be any questions.

The real estate exam is offered Monday through Friday at the Daily Testing Centers in Jefferson City, Springfield, Kansas City and St. Louis. The fee is $60. You receive your test results the same day before you leave the Center. You must call ahead to make an appointment to take the test. Information will be provided during school.

The fee for the PES is $385. The cost of the MREP course is $150. Your materials will be ready for you the first day of class and will included in your fee. If you apply for both the PES and the MREP courses as the same time the fee is $525. Books are included in prices.