Sales Success Seminar

You can have a fast start in Real Estate.

New Salespeople find direction

You will learn to:

  • Establish a work pattern for success
  • Make money within the first few weeks
  • Have customers coming to you
  • Qualify buyers to reduce work time
  • Excel in creative financing
  • Slow down and obtain more sales
  • Avoid slumps
  • Have all salespeople working for you

If you want a shortcut to success

If you need a practical method of organizing yourself for success

If you want a prospecting method that brings them to you

Then the “sales success seminar” is right for you

Here are a few of the highlights from what you’ll learn:

  • Relearn what you’ve forgot since you taking Salesperson School
  • Relearn the types of agencies and when to use them
  • 7 types of licenses and when to use them
  • Who needs a license
  • How to set up office
  • Preparing to train and educate your people
  • What records to keep
  • Learn how to handle different situations you are likely to encounter
  • Agency responsibilities and procedures for a complaint
  • Preparing for an audit

Classes are 8 a.m. to 4:10 p.m.
Course materials will provided the first day of school.


To be a real estate broker in Missouri you must do the following things:

  1. (Also pre-requisite for attending Broker School) You must take the 48 hour Sales person Pre-Exam course and pass the test. You must also take the 24 hour Missouri Real Estate Practice Course and be licensed as a sale person for 2 years.
  2. You must take the 48 hour Broker school and pass the Broker test.
  3. You can apply to the Missouri Real Estate Commission for your brokers license once you have completed the 48 hr. Brokers school, passed the test and provided your fingerprints.

You can also apply through another broker if you want to be a Broker/Salesperson for them.

The Brokers exam is offered Monday through Friday at the daily testing center in Jefferson City, Springfield, St Louis and Kansas City. The fee is $60. You will receive your test results before you leave the test center. You must call to make an appointment or apply online to take the test. You can do this during our broker school. No walk-ins.