Here’s a secret. The hard way isn’t always the best way. Often the best step in business is not to “rough it” until you make so many mistakes you discover the right way, but rather to seek counsel and advice at the outset. Let Phil’s more than 50 years experience in the real estate industry give you peace of mind and clarity in your work.

Our 1-on-1 consulting package is a 3-day program in which Phil will come to your office and help you set up everything you need to establish an efficient, successful operation. Each day includes 6 hours of consulting.

This program also includes 6 months of as-needed phone consultations with Phil.

The investment is one you will not regret making in yourself and your business.

Establish a Professional Office:

  • How to Make a Profit Easily
  • Establish a Budget
  • Analyze the Market Potential
  • Tips & Procedures for Managing
  • Setting Up Books and Files
  • Establish a Plans & Procedure Manual
  • Establish a Recruitment Program
  • Establish Beneficial Sales Meetings
  • Establish a Top Notch Training Program
  • Liabilities & Being PreparedFind the troubled areas in Existing Offices:
    • Bringing the Profit Back

    Buying an Existing Office:

    • Establishing Value
    • Working Through the Transition Period

Call the office at 877-378-5560 to schedule a 1-on-1 consulting meeting